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50 Ways To Lay Down Paint

This quick, satisfying lesson will show you a variety of basic brush stroke techniques for beginners that will surely inspire you. Every type of brush stroke is unique and easy to implement into your current painting style.

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Course Description

In this course, you will see 50 different ways to apply brush strokes on canvas. In this lesson, Elli Milan demonstrates 25 different brush stroke techniques for acrylic paint and 25 for oil paint. You will see paint applied with a multitude of different brushes and other tools like splatter brushes, palette knives, rollers, subtraction tools, and even fingers. Learn how to utilize loose brush strokes and painting styles like a professional artist!

Utilizing types of paint brush stroke textures is key to creating a high quality painting. “50 Ways to Lay Down Paint” will help you achieve more variety in your work!

We hope these oil painting brush stroke techniques inspire you to add some more diversity to your tool belt! This course will help develop painting for beginners and introduce them to different types of brush strokes in oil painting.

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brush stroke lesson by Elli Milan

About Instructor:

brush stroke lesson by Elli Milan

Elli Milan

Founding owner of Milan Art Institute, who has sold her work professionally for the last 24 years. Elli has transformed the lives of hundreds of artists from all over the world, helping them find their voice, and turn their passion for art into a profession. She is passionate about the role of an artist in contemporary culture and a leading voice of the current Art Renaissance, helping teach painting for beginners and professionals, alike.

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