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7 Steps to Achieving a Career in Art

Learn how professional artists create a lucrative career in the art world

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In this course, you will learn:

  1. The importance of fostering belief in yourself and your art career
  2. The path to growing your skills as an artist and entrepreneur
  3. How your skills translate into a unique artist voice
  4. Why developing professional habits as an artist is important
  5. What it means to build a cohesive body of work
  6. What role your unique voice plays in creating your personal brand
  7. What it takes to actually sell your art

About this course

Artists are positioned to have one of the most affluent and lucrative careers in the world. You can create a powerful, satisfying career in art — you just need to know how. There are so many  opportunities available now for artists and this course will teach you the seven steps required to take advantage of them. 

In the course, you will learn from professional artists about how to start your journey from scratch. Elli and DImitra Milan walk you through every step to give you a foundational understanding of what it takes to get started.

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About the instructors

Professional artists Elli and Dimitra Milan have both led incredible careers through their art. Together, they have created the Milan Art Institute, a school that educates artists and mentors them in their journey to mastering their own personal style and selling their art around the world. 

As you enjoy this course, Elli and Dimitra will reveal the sequential steps they have taught and seen other artists take to become the artist they dreamed of being. They’re excited to share this with you and see your dreams become reality.

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