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How to Draw in 15 Minutes

You can improve your drawing skills quickly using 3 easy techniques. Learn the fundamentals of drawing that every artist needs to know in just 15 minutes.


Lesson preview:


In this drawing course you will learn:

3 useful tricks you will always remember

How to layout your composition

How to draw in proportion easily

How to block in and add values

Course description

Do you want to learn drawing quickly, but think it’s too difficult? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve created the perfect solution for you.

This amazing tutorial will show you 3 quick drawing exercises that will transform the way you think about drawing in just 15 minutes. Soon, you will be able to sketch anything you see with accuracy. After practicing these techniques, you will draw with confidence and feel a sense of freedom as you create.

This concise video is for anyone at any level, even youth. Get better at drawing quickly and discover the essential skills that every artist must have in order to render objects with accuracy and form.

Price: $ 15.00
learn drawing quickly

What you get:

Complete video lesson with step-by-step instruction and 3 easy tricks

Life time access, learn at your own pace

FREE reference photos

About the Instructor:

learn drawing quickly

Elli Milan

Founding owner of Milan Art Institute, who has sold her work professionally for the last 24 years. Elli has transformed the lives of hundreds of artists from all over the world, helping them find their voice, and turn their passion for art into a profession. She is passionate about the role of an artist in contemporary culture and a leading voice of the current Art Renaissance.


Milan Art Institute has been teaching thousands of students for the last 8 years from all over the world. The Milans are professional established artists who have been selling their work for over 22 years. You can visit Facebook page to read reviews from students and see their artwork and growth from the classes at MAI.

This lesson is very easy to watch. It will take about 15 minutes of step-by-step instructions, with 3 simple techniques. 

  • graphite pencils
  • erasers

These are the basics materials, but you can use a variety of supplies and papers for drawing.

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