Find all the Art Supplies you need to complete the Mastery Program

Part 1: Oil and Drawing

During this portion of the program you will explore a variety of drawing tools, from charcoal and graphite, to using a proportion tool. You’ll simultaneously be learning to use oil paint, the warm/cool system, and much more. This section is full of foundational knowledge from the old masters that you won’t want to miss. 

When you’re finished with this section you’ll have amazing oil paintings to show from it and each of these tools are going to help you get there.

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Don’t want to go shopping?

You also have the option to get practically everything in one place. Elli and Dimitra have created a kit that includes everything you need for this section of the program (except canvases) called the Mastery Oil and Drawing Kit. This kit contains all your drawing and painting tools, paints, and mediums, including the Milan Ultimate Oil Set and Milan Mastery Brush set.

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Part 2: Mixed Media & Voice

Now the fun and expressive part begins! The mixed media section is full of new supplies to enjoy, such as inks, markers, and spray paints! This is where you begin to develop your style and voice as an artist and it will be through these materials that these emerge.


Download Part 2 Supply List

Don’t want to go shopping?

The same as the Mastery Oil and Drawing Kit, Elli and Dimitra have put together their favorite supplies for this section of the program in the Deluxe Mixed Media Kit. This kit comes with premium acrylic paint, high-flows, markers, mediums, and so much more. Everything but spray paints and paper are in this kit. Also included is their newest brush set, Fearless, which is a Mixed Media Brush set, perfect for acrylics, inks, and anything else you can imagine. 

Check Out the Kit

If you want to get your mixed media supplies as you go instead of all at once, this is the order in which you will need your supplies

*This is for the Mixed Media Section only

Section 1:
Acrylics-transparents and opaques 
Glazing medium or gloss medium 
Variety of brushes

Section 2:
Inks - at least 3 colors of your choice 
Frisket, masking fluid, or rubber cement

Section 3: 
Mark making materials of your choice - art crayons, Caran D’ache, oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal, water based graphite, urban markers, oil markers, acrylic markers, sharpies, etc.

Section 4: 
Spray paint:  2-3 colors of your choice + black and white 
Gold leaf
Gold leaf adhesive

Section 5: 
Collage papers - newspaper, tissue paper, etc.
Heavy gloss gel
Modeling paste

Section 6-10:
Everything from before

Online Workshop
"How to Finish an Acrylic Painting with Oils in 7 Easy Steps"