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Portrait Painting Essentials

Start drawing and painting portraits with precision and confidence. Learn portrait painting online with step by step instructions. Become the artist you’ve always dreamed of being.

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How to draw a portrait in proportion with graphite and charcoal

How to set up a live model and paint from life

How to paint a portrait in oil with a limited palette

How to paint a loose portrait with an acrylic underpainting

portrait painting courses online

Course Description

This course is taught by portrait painting masters Dimitra and Elli Milan. They want to share with you the key components of creating successful portraits. Dimitra has been an esteemed professional artist since the age of 15. Elli is the founder of Milan Art Institute and a professional artist of over 24 years.

In this course you will learn the foundational principles of portrait drawing and two distinctly different techniques for creating an oil painting portrait. This course will instill you with incredible confidence and the ability to master creating a portrait. With your newfound confidence and skill you will be ready to express your artistic voice through the portrait. This comprehensive course will inspire you to create portraits you’ve always wanted to create.

Structure of the course:

  • Lesson 1 – Drawing Facial Proportions
  • Lesson 2 – Drawing Portrait Profile
  • Lesson 3 – Charcoal Portrait Drawing from Life
  • Lesson 4 – Painting Portrait in Acrylics & Oil
  • Lesson 5 – 8 Brush Stroke Oil Portrait

The videos are each about 25 minutes long. They include 2 drawing projects and 2 separate painting projects which will take the student between 6 and 8 hours to complete each project.

Price: $180.00 USD
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Portrait Painting Lessons Instructors:

portrait painting courses online

Elli Milan

Founding owner of Milan Art Institute, who has sold her work professionally for the last 24 years. Elli has transformed the lives of hundreds of artists from all over the world, helping them find their voice, and turn their passion for art into a profession. She is passionate about the role of an artist in contemporary culture and a leading voice of the current Art Renaissance.

Check out Elli's social pages:

Dimitra Milan

Generated over a million dollars of artwork sales by the age of 15. Dimitra Milan paintings are collected world-wide. She is pioneering a new age of artist influencers on social media, spreading beauty across the entire planet. She is a mentor at Milan Art Institute and teaches this oil painting portrait online course with passion because she loves equipping artists with the tools to change the world with their art.

portrait painting courses online

Check out Dimitra's social pages:

"Out of all portrait painting courses online and in person, this one is by far the most comprehensive and straightforward."

Barbara McCarroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Milan Art Institute has been teaching hundreds of students for the last 8 years from all over the world. The Milans are professional established artists who have been selling their work for over 22 years. Visit MAI Facebook page to read reviews from students and see their artwork and growth from the classes at MAI.

This video series works best for people who have already taken the basic drawing video, “How to Draw in 15 Minutes” and our “Oil Painting Essentials” courses. This Portrait Painting Essentials covers both drawing and painting and is an incredible follow up to our other courses.

They are taught by professional artists and are technique driven. The techniques are unique and innovative, but also derived from classical training from the old masters. Elli and Dimitra teach a revolutionary color theory process with color temperature that will give you greater depth in your paintings than you’ve experienced ever before.

  • Oil paints, various colors both opaque & transparent
  • Brushes: small, medium & large brushes
  • Glazing medium (Galkyd or Liquin)
  • Solvent to clean brushes
  • Canvases
  • Graphite pencils
  • Erasers
  • Charcoal
  • Also you will receive a full detailed list of every material you’ll need when you purchase the course.

It is not necessary to have every supply, but you can pick up the few supplies you need from most art supply stores. We also sell art supply kits on our website, where value and quality were hand chosen by Dimitra and Elli.

You can pull off this technique with minimal amounts of supplies, but the more you have the better the outcome.

If you purchase a course you will have lifetime access to it.

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