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Over 6 hours of Beautifully Recorded Instructional Videos

That will teach you:

  • How to step into your right brain and discover a new world within

  • How to render the glow of light and bring your paint to life

  • How to draw and paint hands like a master

  • How to paint the beauty of flowers

  • How to develop your own language of abstract patterns

  • How to draw and paint life-like tigers

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What You Get:

6 complete video lessons taught by master artists

Life time access to learn at your own pace

Connect with the artist community on our exclusive platform (available on AppStore and GooglePlay)

Masterful techniques to apply to your own paintings and drawings

About This Course:

This course is over 6 hours of professionally recorded video of techniques from artists masters for anyone who wants to elevate their art. Take your art to the next level with these unique techniques taught by real professional artists. 

You’re about to step into another world, where you’ll see life through the perspective of a renowned artist. Each lesson takes you on a journey to discover ways of painting you never thought possible. You’ll be inside each artist’s mind, becoming inspired and seeing exactly how they lay down paint. Right before your eyes, magic will unfold in each graceful brushstroke or in the swift movements of a pen. 

Time will melt away, as you pick up these new skills and develop them into your own voice.

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Discover the Secrets of these 6 Masters

Elli Milan: Usage of Light

Elli has sold more than 10,000 pieces of art throughout her thriving career as a professional artist for the last 25 years. As the founding owner of Milan Art Institute, she has transformed the lives of thousands of artists all over the world, helping them find their voice, and turn their passion for art into a profession. Elli is a leading voice of the current Art Renaissance.
Elli is a master of light. Her paintings give the feeling of a world you could step into. Through her course she’s going to empower you and teach you how to believe in yourself so that you can step into your own destiny as an artist. Get ready to create magic with her.


DJFREEZYJ aka John Milan: Fine Art Doodles

Co-founder of Milan Art Institute, John is possibly one of the most interesting artists alive. John spent his childhood On the big island in Hawaii, doodling on paper, jackets, T-shirt’s, etc, for as long as he can remember. He was always the mayor of every town he lived in, making friends everywhere he went! John is, and always was, a character. He is always sharing insights which he has gleaned from his 25+ years as a professional artist. John’s charismatic and joyful exuberance will entertain and inspire you anyway you never thought possible! He will show you a new world that you yourself will create.


Dafni Milan - Creating Patterns

Dafni Milan is a strong believer in individualism and staying true to oneself, even if it means going against societal norms. Being the second child of John & Elli Milan, Dafni had always been a peacemaker of sorts. Her logical but sensitive characteristics have been showing up in her creations for her entire artistic journey. Dafni is a problem-solver; she finds solutions. This shows up in her art through the patterns, waves, and pathways she creates in each piece. 

Today, Dafni lives with her husband and 2 dogs in a pocket of forest in Athens, Georgia. She and her husband share a studio, where the window looks out into a beautiful lush forest, full of inspiration.


Dalia Milan - Mastering Hands

Dalia Milan started her pursuit in art at the young age of 12. She has now since traveled, and sold her art to collectors, all over the world. She is passionate about depicting a uniqueness and originality in her art. Coming from a family of artists, Dalia wanted to be seen as different and unique; not as following the crowd. She now creates edgy but beautiful pieces, celebrating the female physique, as well as more abstract ideas, and self acceptance. Dalia is an incredible and inspiring young woman, coaching and mentoring artists all over the world, and helping them find their own unique voice in art. 

Today, Dalia Milan creates daily in her studio, with her studio pup, Penny. She is extremely inspired by the ocean, and frequently visits Florida. Dalia plans to move her studio to Miami in the near future.


Miranda Gamel - Lifelike Tigers

Miranda Gamel dove head first into a career in art in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. She is fully  committed to sharing her passion for art with the world through her own creations, as well as through mentorship. Miranda grew up with artists for parents, and had dreamt of making a life for herself by pursuing her artistic talents from a very young age. Today, Miranda lives in a beautiful house surrounded by forest, and other artists! Miranda is an avid tiger fan, portraying the power, might, and leadership of the tiger in every piece she creates.


Dimitra Milan - Beautiful Flowers

Dimitra generated over $1,000,000 of artwork sales by the age of 15. She is pioneering a new age of artist influencers on social media, spreading beauty across the entire planet. She is now a mentor and co-owner at Milan Art Institute and passionate about equipping artists to change the world with their art.

Dimitra is a master of color and brings pieces to life in a way unlike any other artists. In her section, she’s going to share her techniques for flowers and the beauty of making them live on through a painting. Learn how you can breath your essence into flowers in your private lesson with Dimitra Milan.


Learn From These Artists

Lessons You’ll Get With This Course

Lesson 1: Rendering the Glow of Light- with Elli Milan

Lesson 2: Unlocking Right Brain Potential through Drawing- with DJFreezyJ

Lesson 3: Developing Your Inner Language of Patterns- with Dafni Milan

Lesson 4: Rendering Hands Like a Master- Dalia Milan

Lesson 5: Painting Your Wild Side -with Miranda Gamel

Lesson 6: Capturing Beauty in Flowers- with Dimitra Milan

This 6 video series is around 45 minutes/ 1 hour per lesson. In each lesson, you’ll learn from a different artist their unique techniques and favorite ways to express themselves through painting. You have lifetime access to these lessons, so you can come back to them any time you want. We are incredibly excited for you to learn these special techniques and incorporate them into your own voice and style.


Hear What Students Are Saying:


Under each video lesson, there’s a list of materials used by the artist. You can use a combination of your own supplies and some of the supplies they used. Most of the techniques taught don’t require too many things.

If you have experience drawing and painting, these lessons will be easier for you and you’ll still learn many new techniques. However if you are a beginner, you’ll still be able to do the lessons and pick up these skills.

You will automatically receive lifetime access to this course, once you sign up so you can enjoy these videos any time you want.

Milan Art Institute has been teaching hundreds of students for the last 8 years from all over the world. The Milans are professional established artists who have been selling their work for over 22 years. Visit MAI Facebook page to read reviews from students and see their artwork and growth from the classes at MAI.

It is not necessary to have every supply, but you can pick up the few supplies you need from most art supply stores. We also sell art supply kits on our art store website , where value and quality were hand chosen by Dimitra and Elli.

You can pull off this technique with minimal amounts of supplies, but the more you have the better the outcome.

If you purchase a course you will have lifetime access to it.

No, this is a completely new course. The Mastery Program is a step-by-step program for learning, perfecting, and making a career in art. The Masters Series focuses more on advanced techniques to take your art to a whole new level and giving you insight into the processes and skills of master artists.

This Is Your Opportunity to Discover the Amazing Techniques That These Masters Have to Offer

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