How to Find Things to Sketch When You Travel

Photo caption: Filled with the sights and colors of your travels, your sketchbooks can become a source for new paintings and happy memories. Photo...

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How To Stay Safe As An Artist As You Travel

Photo caption: Taking precautions when you travel as an artist keeps trips safe and fun! Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels.

As an artist,...

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Five Business And Leadership Books For Artists

Photo caption: Artists who want to learn how to become professional artists should spend time reading business and leadership books for artists....

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4 Tips on How to Transition from a Hobby Artist to Professional Artist

Photo caption: It’s important to get into the habit of painting everyday if you want to make the transition from hobbyist to a working,...

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How to Become a Professional Artist: Art Dealers vs Self Promotion

Photo caption: If you learn how to promote your own art, there’s no need to learn how to find an art dealer. You’re in the...

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Improving Your Taste: Why Getting Better at Drawing or Painting Isn’t Enough

Photo caption: Art students in Georgia don’t need just to learn how to get better at drawing or painting. To be successful, they must also...

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5 Tips for Making Your Art Dreams a Reality

Photo caption: Remarkable art careers come from perseverance, dedication, hard work and often more than a few art classes. Photo courtesy of Burst...

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5 Facts That Toss the Starving Artist Mentality on its Head

Photo caption: Becoming a professional artist really is possible. The idea of the starving artist is truly a myth. Photo courtesy of the Milan Art...

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Art Marketing Tips: 5 Things to do to Prepare for an Art Fair

Photo caption: Promotional postcards are inexpensive giveaway items that artists can give to potential collectors at art shows and art fairs....

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3 Ways That Tech Makes Online Art Ed Better Than In-Person Classes (In Many Cases…)

Photo caption: Technology has made online art education not only a reality, but sometimes better than in-person instruction. Image by Mudassar...

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